Who I am and Contact me

Hi, my name is Cristiano Amadei and I am an Information Technology Manager, Software Solution Architect, Software and Processes Development Manager.
Since 1996, after completing my studies, I have been working in the world of Information Technology.

During my professional career I have acquired different skills, experiences and covered different roles: From Software developer and analyst, to "Chief Web Applications Officer" (CWO), "Chief Technology Officer" (CTO), coordinating the activities of software design and development, analysis and re-engineering of processes, I worked for some of the major Italian companies and have followed international clients about tourism, fashion and automotive sectors.

I manage the process of translating customer needs or business strategy into technical and software requirements and deduct functional specifications, architectures, and implementation concepts.
Then I find the best solutions suitable for the project and lead an effective software development team. 
I am also able to communicate effectively and share technical solutions in an easy way to understand, so support corporate business units, technical teams and other project stakeholders to be active parts of projects.

In short, I have strong technical knowledge, development skills, and good communication to explain something that hard to understand if you aren't a developer. 

However I continue to acquire technical knowledge by following courses related to programming languages (PHP, Python, Kotlin), Cloud architectures, Machine learning, IoT solutions (AWS), Cyber Security and project management methodologies (Agile, Scrum). 

In recent years I have achieved some certifications in "Software Product Man agement" (University of Alberta), "Agile Methodologies" and a certification in "iOS App Development with Swift" (University of Toronto).
For more information, contact me.

Something to say ? Send me an email to info@cadev.it or contact me by my linkedin profile